Tale of Two Halves: NLR Defeats Bryant 34-28

What a game it turned out to be. #1 North Little Rock (NLR) dug themselves quite a hole in the first quarter, trailing 0-21 to #2 Bryant. Bryant came out hot and stuck it to NLR. But, not to be stricken by doubt and worry, NLR rallied, scoring 28 unanswered points. Bryant would score once more and that would be it. NLR Would go on to win 34-28.

NLR are the outright conference champions once again. They have now won 22 consecutive games.

NLR will face Cabot next Friday, November 2nd, at 7pm.

Postgame video of NLR head coach, Jamie Mitchell.


NLR Celebrates as the clock winds down to 0:00.


Game photos by Jaison SterlingNLR_bryant_football18_-2NLR_bryant_football18_-3NLR_bryant_football18_-5NLR_bryant_football18_-35NLR_bryant_football18_-38NLR_bryant_football18_-48NLR_bryant_football18_-50NLR_bryant_football18_-51NLR_bryant_football18_-54NLR_bryant_football18_-72NLR_bryant_football18_-78NLR_bryant_football18_-82NLR_bryant_football18_-90NLR_bryant_football18_-94NLR_bryant_football18_-99NLR_bryant_football18_-102NLR_bryant_football18_-103NLR_bryant_football18_-108NLR_bryant_football18_-109NLR_bryant_football18_-116NLR_bryant_football18_-130NLR_bryant_football18_-131NLR_bryant_football18_-132